It seems that with each passing hire, the possibility that Apple will bring an electric car project of some kind to the masses gets more and more real.

The most recent hire to join Apple's family of "several hundred" employees working on a new EV project expected to arrive in around 4 years is Doug Betts, a long-time industry veteran according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Betts is fresh from an assignment at Fiat/Chrysler heading up "global quality" at the Italian-US automaker.

Currently, his job at Apple is just listed as "Operations-Apple Inc.” in the San Francisco Bay Area from his LinkedIn profile (which as of press, now appears to have been removed).

Meet Doug Betts (via LinkedIn)

Meet Doug Betts (via LinkedIn)

Apple's Secretive

Apple's Secretive "Titan" Project Is Actually Said To Be More Mini-Van Like Than Car

Requests made to the former auto-exec about 'just what he does' at Apple from the WSJ have lead to a tidy "decline to comment", further fuelling the rumor he is working on Apple's now not-so-secret Titan project, which is headed up by Steve Zadesky - a former product designer and engineer at Ford.

Recently, court documents from a case between battery maker A123 and Apple filed last year (now settled), stated that Apple was aggressively acquiring its IP and personnel, as it was "currently developing a large scale battery division to compete in the very same field as A123."

Given that Apple is currently sitting on ~$200 billion in cash, we welcome any news that the largest company in the world is getting serious about the electrification of the automobile.

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