This is brilliant.  We know, because we've wanted to build one for a few years now, so it must be, right?

We all love (to ride) jet skis, but we all hate (to hear and smell) them*.  An electric jet ski?  What could be more awesome and fun, as well as not annoying to everyone else within a 5 mile radius?  The guys at the University of Western Australia felt the same, and built one.  Read the story here, on the ABC Australia site, where we culled a few specs:

  • Motor: 50kW
  • Cost: $15,000 (AUD), or about $11,000 USD
  • Charging: 3hrs plug-in, 7 min at an "EV charging station"
  • Speed: N/A (ultimately matching "conventional craft"
  • Weight: N/A

Side/rear view

Side/rear view

As it's still a prototype, and they're working on the throttle systems, there's no top speed, and they're not divulging the weight at this point.

Also, that little bit about water and electricity?

The batteries are double insulated and along with the 50 kilowatt electric motor are encased in a watertight housing.

"We're dealing with really high currents and reasonably high voltages and we don't want anyone to get hurt in any way," Mr Beckley said.

"So each step of the project everything's been made sure it's waterproof, double waterproof and so on and so forth.

Professor Thomas Braunl, director of the Renewable Energy Vehicle Project at UWA

Professor Thomas Braunl, director of the Renewable Energy Vehicle Project at UWA

Thanks for the tip from Jeffrey Black's EV page on Facebook, and you can see more at the UWA Facebook page.  See the video here:

UWA students build Australia’s first electric jet skiHow awesome is this? A team of UWA students built Australia’s first electric jet ski!

Posted by The University of Western Australia on Thursday, October 22, 2015

*...apologies to Prof Braunl, but we thought if that phrase all by ourselves.  He must have been reading our minds, from the future.  

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