While we see a fair number of reviews on the new Chevrolet Volt "as a car", and "how it performs", but we rarely get an in-depth walk through of how the car actually functions.

Taking On The Voltec Platform (via Alex on Autos)

Taking On The Voltec Platform (via Alex on Autos)

Fortunately, one of our favorite outfits for reporting on plug-in cars - Alex on Autos, is tackling how the Voltec platform operates in the new Chevrolet Volt, and does a pretty great job at explaining it.

Alex doesn't waste anytime getting starting, coming right out with the question:

"The eternal question of 'is the Chevrolet Volt an EV, or is it a hybrid', is a tricky one to explain.  In the truest sense of the word, this is a plug-in hybrid.  Let's dive under the hood and talk about exactly what makes the Volt tick..."

Hat tip to Scramjett!

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