Tesla Energy Powerwall

Tesla Energy Powerwall

Australia got its first residential Tesla Powerwall installation in January as Tesla prioritized this market due its tremendous interest in solar energy.

One of the first units went to Nick Pfitzner from Kellyville Ridge, a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales.

"One of the first Australian families to have their very own Tesla Powerwall installed is the Pfitzner family, based in Sydney’s Hills District. Their personal renewable energy solution includes the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery, an array of 5kWp, a SolarEdge StorEdge inverter and monitoring software to see the direct output of energy from the entire system and the Tesla Powerwall.

Australians will have the chance to have their very own Tesla Powerwall installed with or without solar panels. Alternatively, for those with panels already installed, there is the opportunity for a retro-fit to occur allowing a Tesla Powerwall to be added along with a compatible inverter to an existing solar system."

The installation was done by Natural Solar, who sells and install Powerwalls as a Tesla partner.

Chris Williams, Managing Director of Natural Solar said:

“Since being announced as a Tesla Powerwall installer at the tail end of last year, Natural Solar has received an unprecedented number of enquiries about the Tesla Powerwall, indicating the Australian public is well and truly ready for this new frontier in renewable energy,”

“There are already 1.5 million Australian households that are using solar energy. The Tesla Powerwall is highly developed technology that will allow users to save money, and reduce their residential carbon emissions from day one.”

According to news.com.au, Natural Solar offers Tesla Powerwall packages from $13,000 AUD.

"It generally takes six — eight weeks for the product to be installed and packages start from $13,000, which includes the government rebate."

“While this seems like a large out of pocket expense, the savings will be noticeable and overtime you should see a large decrease in your electricity costs.”

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Source: news.com.au

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