China Zhongwang, the world's second largest industrial aluminum extrusion product developer and manufacturer (first in Asia), joins forces with Brilliance Bus on development of an all-aluminum New Energy Buses (electric or plug-in hybrid) in China.

In June, thecompany announced completion of two vehicle prototypes for Brilliance Bus - one for display and the second for road tests. Mass production is expected after the successful tests.

We don't have any specs on the Brilliance EV Bus, though it does look sharp.

"The frame and body of this new public bus model use aluminium alloy as the key material. Its weight is reduced by 40% versus its steel counterparts. Aluminium-bodied vehicles are more durable, corrosion resistant and have better vibration absorption capabilities. The lighter auto bodies increase the vehicles’ driving range, thereby conserving energy and reducing operating costs. In order to reduce the urban air pollution problem, China has enacted policies to encourage the development of new energy vehicles. These policies have played an important role in driving the growth of aluminium applications."

Brilliance BusDesigner Sun Hong commented:

“The strategic partnership between Brilliance Bus and China Zhongwang combines Zhongwang’s strengths in the development and formation of aluminium alloy, and welding of aluminium extrusion products, as well as Brilliance Bus’ expertise in the field of passenger vehicles, to usher in a whole new era of ultra-lightweight aluminium body electric buses. This is a breakthrough from the conventional image of “Square Body, Round Corner” buses. We see enormous growth potential for this new generation product.”

Mr. Lu Changqing, Executive Director and Vice President of China Zhongwang, said:

“Brilliance Bus and China Zhongwang are working hand in hand to promote further developments in the reduction of carbon emissions in the global transportation sector. China Zhongwang has been actively advancing its Tianjin aluminium flat-rolled product project. The first production line under Phase I of the project, which is designed for production of medium-to-high-thickness plates that are used in the transportation sector, will commence operations by the end of this year. The completion and the operation of the project, together with our existing industrial aluminum extrusion and deep processing businesses, will enable the Group to develop and introduce an array of new light-weight products, technologies and manufacturing processes, further enhancing China Zhongwang’s market position as Asia's leading developer and manufacturer of aluminium processed products.”

Source: China Zhongwang via Green Car Congress

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