New Flyer Electric Bus

New Flyer Electric Bus

New Flyer recently completed a two-week in-service demonstration with Miami-Dade Transit of the XE40 electric transit bus.

According to the press release, average energy usage over the total 1,150 miles (with over 1,800 passenger rides on 11 different service routes) stands at just 1.6 kWh per mile (or nearly exactly 1 kWh per km). For fleet managers, probably more understandable will be 23.8 diesel equivalent miles per gallon.

Whether it's enough to receive orders for electric buses in Miami, only time will tell.

The Xcelsior battery-electric bus features a Siemens electric drive system and proven electric subsystems with unique electric drive motor technology permitting the bus to reduce the energy consumed while driving, and increase the energy recovered during braking. The all-electric propulsion system provides:

• Zero tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gases • Reduced noise inside and outside the bus • Increased operator and passenger comfort • Lower operating costs

As with all New Flyer buses, the Xcelsior XE40 battery-electric bus is delivered with New Flyer’s commitment to lifetime customer care, including a comprehensive product warranty, maintenance and operations training, spare parts and an extensive network of in-service support professionals.

Paul Soubry, President and Chief Executive Officer of New Flyer said:

“We are very excited by the favorable feedback we received from Miami-Dade County and the community transit riders. New Flyer is exceptionally proud of our long-history of building best in class buses and the XE40 battery-electric bus is a natural next evolution of our tried and true Xcelsior platform.”

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