BMW i5 Rendering

BMW i5 Rendering

RM Car Design has released a new set of renderings that show the BMW i5 as a svelte crossover.

In this form, we think the i5 is actually rather striking.

BMWBLOG points out the following:

"The renderings shown here show a crossover-like design with a sloping roofline, raise driving height, i8-like kidney grille and aero elements from the i3 and i8. The rear end also gets some cues from the i8 hybrid sportscar along with aero-designed wheels."

Officially, BMW has not yet announced the next i car. However, we believe that it'll be a crossover, possibly called the i5. Will it be pure electric or a plug-in hybrid? We don't yet have an answer to that question.

BMW has suggested that the next i car will be released sometime around 2020. We expect it to arrive sooner than that though.


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