NanoFlowcell refueling

NanoFlowcell refueling

NanoFlowcell, a Swiss company who for a few years promised a special type of flow batteries, will be present at the Geneva Motor Show with more models.

First is the street-legal, near-production ready QUANTiNO, which debuted last year (see photos and videos).

It's quite a strange vehicle, because of its low-voltage system - at 48 V like golf carts. And there are four motors - 20 kW each for a total 80 kW (2015 concept had four 25 kW motors).

NanoFlowcell states that QUANTiNO could enter limited production, but we are very cautious:

"Following further pre-production tests during the first half of 2016, nanoFlowcell AG is now considering a small-batch production run."

On the stage will also be a new concept called QUANT F Evolution (QUANT FE) "reconfigured to near-production standard".

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino


Starting its career as a mere concept vehicle in 2015, the QUANTiNO has been completely revised. Featuring the nanoFlowcell® powertrain integral to its credentials as a low-voltage car, this model heralds the next generation of electric vehicles. Rated at just 48 volts and with an output of 80 kW / 109 HPmetric split between four electric motors, the all-wheel drive QUANTiNO represents a significant improvement on the one-fill, one-charge range achievable with electric vehicles. As in the case of the QUANT FE, production of the modular-designed QUANTiNO in a small-batch run is essentially possible, with a feasibility study due this year to provide the basis for the final decision.


<em>Quant F</em>

Quant F

The QUANT FE is a thoroughbred sports car with a coupé-ish 2+2 design, whose nanoFlowcell® powertrain aligns perfectly with its sporty DNA. The 801 kW (1090 HPmetric) in its veins accelerates this electric street racer from 0 to 100 km/h (approx. 62.5 mph) in a fleeting 2.8 seconds. What’s more, the energy needed for this kind of oomph is produced by the onboard power plant in a sustainable and toxicologically completely harmless process. The E in the name QUANT FE stands for Evolution, indicating the advanced state of development of the vehicle to near-series maturity. In particular, the interior of the QUANT FE has been completely redesigned with a keen eye on the homologation requirements.

While we are still not sure about NanoFlowcell's future and mystery high-energy and high-power dense flow batteries, there is a short video with one of the Quant prototypes in Zurich:

"RARE SIGHT: 2016 Quant F NanoFlowCell Car Spotted ON THE ROAD in Zurich! (Better Quality) 

We already uploaded this video but we promised a better quality video so here it is! What a rare sight: we spotted a Quant F NanoFlowCell car on the streets of Zurich doing a FAST acceleration! The Quant F NanoFlowCell car debuted last month at the Geneva Motor Show and is now spotted on the road driving around!"

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