Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Charged EVs noted that despite the US plug-in electric car market being flat this year, worldwide sales of plug-ins are booming.

We assembled the graph of plug-in car sales in the world and US using our exclusive InsideEVs Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard.

As it turns out, this year sales are growing every month by 27-73% year-over-year. Most of the growth comes from China and several European countries.

The market peaked in March at some 42,000, but we should be prepared for 50,000+ later this year.

We also hope that by the end of this year or in the first half of 2016, a manufacturer will achieve 10,000 sales a month. Will this be Nissan, Mitsubishi, BYD, Volkswagen or Tesla? We don't know.

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