NissanConnect EV

NissanConnect EV

NissanConnect EV

NissanConnect EV

It seems Tesla may be the only automaker capable of connecting to an electric car in a near-flawless manner.

Apps designed specifically for electric cars have often failed to work from time to time.  This is a common issue reported by owners of BMW i3s, Volkswagen e-Golfs, Chevrolet Volts and so on.

Now, it's the Nissan LEAF's turn.

Over in Europe, an issue with NissanConnect EV, the app that allows you to remotely control/check in on your LEAF, has resulted in a stop-sale order to be placed on all 2016 LEAFs.

Transport Evolved quotes a Nissan spokesperson as stating:

“We have temporarily suspended deliveries of the new MY16 Nissan LEAF… due to an issue we’ve identified with the NissanConnect EV telematics system. We cannot confirm a date at this moment in time, but rest assured we’re working hard to implement a solution as quickly as we can and of course, customers that are waiting on vehicles will be a priority.”

Meanwhile, some similar complaints have started popping up in the Canada Nissan LEAF Owners group on Facebook where we saw this post:

Can't connect to our leaf 

Nissan's app hasn't worked for us since the update, but the Leaflink app seemed to get through, so I switched to it.

Now even Leaflink can't communicate with the car

Several respondents stated that they were experiencing similar issues.

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