Coinciding with the first U.S. delivery of the Toyota Mirai (scheduled for today), Toyota has released a "Back To The Future" video featuring Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd).

This video, titled "Fueled by the Future | Back to the Future" shows some clips from the original movie(s) before jumping forward to the present day and a brief discussion of which future predictions have/have not come true.

Then, the video explores trash and shows how waste can be transformed into fuel for the Toyota Mirai.

Today Is The Day!

Today Is The Day!

Below you'll find a short clip from the video, as well as a video explaining the science behind trash to fuel.

Watch the future become reality as two Back to the Future icons see trash get turned into fuel for a car!

Check out Toyota's updated Mirai site by clicking here.

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