BMW i3

BMW i3

Spark EV

Spark EV

No electric car has been able to knock the BMW i3 BEV off its pedestal as the U.S. most fuel-efficient car.

Since its launch back in mid-2014, the BMW i3 BEV took hold of the most fuel-efficient title and has been unchallenged.

Yes, there are vehicles that are nearly as efficient as the i3, but it seems no other automaker is interested in grabbing the title from BMW.

The BMW i3 is unique in that it's mostly carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum. This setup keeps weight to a minimum and allows the i3 to be ultra-efficient.

Here's a rundown (via BMWBLOG) of the Top 10 most fuel-efficient cars sold in the U.S. for 2016:

10. Tesla Model S, electric, $71,200, 101 mpg.

9. Kia Soul Electric, electric, $31,950, 105 mpg.

8. Ford Focus Electric, electric, $29,170, 105 mpg.

7. Smart ForTwo EV, electric, $25,000, 107 mpg.

6 Mitsubishi i-MiEV, electric, $22,995, 112 mpg.

5. Fiat 500E, electric, $32,300, 112 mpg.

4. Nissan Leaf, electric, $29,010, 114 mpg.

3. Volkswagen e-Golf, electric, $28,995, 116 mpg.

2. Chevy Spark EV, electric, $25,995, 119 mpg.

1. BMW i3 BEV, electric, $43,395, 124 mpg.


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