Recently, a Tesla Model S P85D owner took his car in to "resolve a TPMS error."

With the dash cam running, the video captured shows the tire shop guys going for a joy ride in the Model S, according to the owner of the vehicle.

However, after having watched the video multiple times, we conclude that joy ride is an exaggeration and little to no wrongdoing occurred.

Here's the Model S owner describing the situation:

To resolve a TPMS error I was seeing in my Model S, Tesla sent me a new sensor, and asked me to take it to any tire shop to have it mounted... I took it to one across the street from my work (name withheld for the moment). This video shows them trying to open the frunk/hood for no apparent reason, and confirms that during a test drive, the car was floored in an attempt to do an Insane Launch. Thankfully I had valet mode enabled, so it was a bit anticlimactic (and likely disappointed the driver/mechanic). I did talk to the shop afterwards, but had not compiled this video yet, will see what kind of response I get (if any) when I email this to them.

And here's his follow-up post:

So the shop did email me back quite quickly (and after hours). While I still need to check under the car to see if they followed my instructions on jack points / inspect for damage if they didn't, assuming I find none, I am satisfied with their response. Its a bit of a raw deal for the mechanic, but these days, you really need to conduct yourself professionally in whatever you do, as consequences are more readily handed out with videos and data and everything we have going on.

The Model S owner has received several negative comments on his YouTube page. Those who've actually watched the video mostly agree with us in saying that this owner is overreacting to the whole situation.

What's your take? Is this joy riding?  Just a typical test drive?

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