Barnacules Nerdgasm gets behind the wheel of a Tesla P85D with recently launched Autopilot software.

What follows is a surprisingly thorough and pretty decent review, illustrating what happens when you first acquaint yourself with Tesla's Autopilot system, and how things change over time.

The review starts with a generic recap of what the P85D Tesla is:  electric, fast, g-forces, standstill launches, etc.

Then Bernacules gets into the meat and potatoes: the Autopilot system.  At first it "scares the hell" out of him in giving up control of driving the electric supercar, with his hands ready to re-assume control at a moments notice.

Initial comments range from the potential liability issues for Tesla in regards to idiot drivers, to the amount of power inside the Tesla that the Autopilot is entrusted to control.

However by the end of the review, and after getting better acquainted with the system, Barnacules is a lot more confident in the software,  and what it can and can't do.

A special affinity is noted for using it when you really need it most - low speed traffic.  He also says there is a greater benefit in using Autopilot on roads you have driven before, and knowing how the system will interpret them ahead of time, which takes a lot of the apprehension out of the experience.

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