Top Performers Will Earn Themselves A Model S P90DL

Top Performers Will Earn Themselves A Model S P90DL

Car and Driver was impressed by the performance of the Tesla Model S P90D (with Ludicrous Mode).

"The first sub-3.0-second sedan we've ever tested. So that's something."

The full production, large-size four door sedan that is able to do 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds managed to break into the top few quickest cars ever tested by Car and Driver.

The quarter-mile run took 11.1 seconds at 121 mph (0.7 seconds better than P85D Insane).

The best result for acceleration can be achieved in Model S with the highest power (P90D Ludicrous) and the smallest number of options that increase weight (sunroof, rear-facing seats, second battery charger...)

Moreover, the battery needed to be 95-100% full with “max battery perform­ance mode” enabled. Car and Driver did test with two acceleration runs in opposite directions to eliminate wind and grade effects, split be a few minutes rest to cool the batteries.

Source: Car and Driver

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