Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

A University of Michigan graduate by the name of Mick Yuille hopes to get a law passed that would allow Tesla to conduct direct sales of its vehicles in the state of Michigan.

As Automotive News reports:

"Mick Yuille, 22, knows he has a hurdle to climb: He has until June 1 to collect more than 252,000 signatures in order to put his proposal before the Michigan legislature, or to voters in November."

"Yuille formed a ballot committee, Eliminate (i), and did not file a waiver with the state saying he plans to raise or spend less than $1,000, which exempts him from some campaign finance filings. That doesn't mean he expects to have that much money, he said, adding that he wanted to keep all options available. He said he will have to depend on donations and is still working on a final plan for how he’ll gather signatures."

On Thursday, the state approved the proposal form, which means that Yuille can now begin collecting signatures. If he gets the 252,000 signatures, then the petition heads to lawmakers who would decide the outcome. If he can't gather that many signatures, then the proposal will go on the ballot for voters to decide the outcome.

Of course, this won't be an easy task, as dealership franchises are especially strong in the state of Michigan and automakers who call the state their home will surely put forth money to counter Yuille's cause.

Currently, Tesla has no stores in the state of Michigan and can't sell cars there. Tesla's battle with the state dates back quite awhile, with the most recent incident being Tesla withdrawing from the NAIAS due to the state still not allowing Tesla to sell cars there.


Source: Automotive News

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