2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko revealed to Autocar that the automaker is going full speed on development of a whole plug-in lineup of SUV of all sizes by 2020.

According to the interview, there will be at least 4 plug-in models, with a fifth under consideration:

  • All-electric or plug-in hybrid ASX (Outlander Sport / RVR) with AWD. Much depends on the Mitsubishi eX Concept impressions. The size of the car could be downsized current generation ASX ("the world’s smallest SUV").
  • Plug-in hybrid between ASX and Outlander PHEV
  • new enlarged Outlander PHEV
  • Plug-in hybrid between Outlander PHEV and Shogun
  • maybe plug-in hybrid Shogun
Osamu Masuko seems to be set on the all-electric ASX, but a final decision hasn't been made yet.

The Mitsubishi boss admitted that the Outlander PHEV's success exceeded company expectations.

The Japanese brand intends to slowly drift more into the premium segment.

Osamu Masuko said:

“It is true that at first we didn’t have to fight other competitors and that in future we will face fierce competition. However, the signs that PHEV technology is spreading are positive. That means it will become a major technology for the future.”

“We must look very carefully at where society is going, and at the progress of battery technology, before taking these decisions. If we were to make the wrong decision, a small company like ours would not be able to compete. But we must reach our decisions quite soon.

“We see our future role as being to offer specialised technologies others don’t have; not a huge number of them but several that are very special. My own view is that the ultimate form for the vehicles of the future is the pure EV.”

Source: Autocar

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