Recently, Autocar pitted the Tesla Model S P85D against the most unlikely of challengers: Caterham620R.

These two vehicles couldn't be more different.

As Autocar explains:

The Tesla Model S P85D is the electric car equivalent of a sleeper hotrod.Tesla has bolted in a huge 464bhp motor for the car's back wheels - on top of the already brisk 218bhp front - to create a combined power output of 682bhp.

It may not look or sound like anything much due to its pure electric drivetrain, but on paper there's bold claims. 0-60mph is covered in just in 3.2 seconds and there's a whopping 687lb ft of torque on offer. Whats more, that torque is delivered instantly because of the Tesla's direct drive single speed motor.

To put the theory into practice Matt Prior has devised a little drag race against the fastest accelerating thing he could think of, to see if our beloved combustion engines performance days are numbered. Watch and find out...

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