Here's something interesting, in the folding/non-folding e-bike department.  This is the Mando Footloose, released in a (cheaper) non-folding model called the Footloose IM.  Why interesting? Basically because it's powered with a fairly unique, chainless pedal drive:

Series Hybrid System... This first-of-its-kind system powers the wheels with a built-in motor that does not require mechanical chains that connect the wheels and pedals.

What's that you say?  Pedals, no chain?

Simply, the pedals are working on a little alternator that charges the battery pack (that's mounted inside the "body").  The battery then powers an in-wheel hub motor, and away you go.

Pedal-powered charging

Pedal-powered charging

Specs?  Of course, so glad you asked:


Drive System: Series Hybrid System

TOP SPEED: 25 km/h (16mi/h)

RANGE: Throttle : max. 30km(18mile) Pedaling : max. 45km(28mile)

MOTOR: Dual-Winding Motor, 250W

BATTERY: Lithium-ion battery, 36V, 8.2Ah

WHEEL:20″, 5-Blades

WEIGHT: 21.7kg (47.8lb)

DISPLAY: Detachable 2.4” Color LCD display

FORK: Single fork (Carbon Fibre)

FRAME: Aluminum

Here's a video, in all Chinese, but the universal language of "boy this is fun stuff" comes through in shining colors... with our loose translation of the caption:

"I AM Foot Loose Mando car ride Event 5

Foot Loose gentleman was going in that cafe :)

Although the first half of 2015 test-drive event exit"

You can read more on the Gizmag story from whence we heard of this, and see their webpage here.

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