Is an electric vehicle heavier when it is fully charged over one that is not?  We know petrol cars lose weight as fuel is burned off, but how about as onboard power is depleted?

Tom Scott, With Some

Tom Scott, With Some "Help" From Robert Llewellyn Answer The Age-Old Question Of "Is It Heavier"

For those of us with a background in science/physics, or at least stayed awake during those classes in high school, we probably have a strong idea what the answer is.

However, famous YouTube personality Tom Scott (feel free to go have a looksee at his entertaining videos after watching this one) asks that exact question from inside a Tesla Model S P85D - driven by Fully Charged star Robert Llewellyn no less.

Naturally the 'maths' (and results) are somewhat explained while doing some insane launches; but do you agree?

Tom Scott (via Boldride)

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