Renault recently launched the Zoe in Slovenia, and used a fleet of ZOEs as a "Z.E. Taxi service" this summer.  These EVs were available for special test drives - creative marking indeed.

You could be a passenger, or the driver. Additionally, users could capture videos and check energy use stats, all free of charge.

The taxi-like test drive approach seems to have worked well to acquaint people with the EV.

In just the first 10 days, Renault achieved over 1,100 drives - which was over two times more than the total amount of test drives given by the entire Renault network, for all cars, over the same timeframe. Total mileage driven was 13,000 km (8,000+ miles).

Renault says its Facebook involvement linked to ZOE increased in the area by +750%, while total social engagement increased +500%.  Seems like the marketing fellas at Renault know what they are doing.

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