The limited edition (only 50 units offered) BMW i3 Shadow Sport sold out within one hour of being offered by BMW, but now it seems the "Sport" part of the equation will disappear from the Shadow Sport when it arrives in the U.S.

As Bimmerfest reports, via a dealership memo that's to be passed along to Shadow Sport buyers:

Please note that there is a specification adjustment to the BMW i3 Shadow Sport Limited Edition.

The sport suspension is no longer included in the build of the vehicle due to an adjustment of ride height that is outside of certification requirements.

In order to compensate for the exclusion of the sport suspension, the MSRP of the vehicle will be reduced by $1,000, resulting in a final MSRP of $46,400. A spec panel has been attached to this email with the revised information and pricing.

Please confirm that this is acceptable to your customer.

At least there's a price cut associated with the removal of the sport-tuned suspension part of the package, but now how can this version be called "Sport?" How 'bout we just call it the BMW i3 Shadow Limited Edition now.

BMW i3 Shadow Sport Specs - Now Minus Lowering Springs

BMW i3 Shadow Sport Specs - Now Minus Lowering Springs

Source: Bimmerfest

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