After the first episode of the Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving about charging, Nissan has now released a few more.

The hero of the story proves that electric cars can be used not only in the rain, but also at a car wash. This method of car washing could be improved by closing the windows.

What happens when an electric car gets wet?

lectric cars work in rain or shine don’t they? Find out in THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO ELECTRIC DRIVING. Warning: This film contains gratuitous use of a South London car wash.

And of course, if you can take a Nissan LEAF though a car wash, you can definitely drive it in the rain.

The next three videos discuss range, environment impact and costs:

How far can you go in an electric car?

See just how far you can go in THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO ELECTRIC DRIVING. Will it go over 100 miles on one charge? If you’re anything like the average driver you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

How green is an electric car?

Another question answered in THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO ELECTRIC DRIVING. Watch our film and see just how low the emissions are whilst driving the Nissan LEAF. Spoiler: you can’t get any lower.

As a fully electric car, the Nissan LEAF has zero emissions when driving. Good news for Mother Nature.

How much does it cost to run an electric car?

Your cost questions answered in THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO ELECTRIC DRIVING. This film covers the big issues. Like does an electric car like the Nissan LEAF save you money? And just how much will it cost to visit Auntie Pam?

Unlike petrol, diesel and hybrid cars, which cost between 10p and 15p per mile on fuel, a 100% electric, plug-in only costs 2p per mile.

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