I'm from Tesla for example

I'm from Tesla for example

TechInsider recently conducted research on how many Tesla employees were attracted by emerging automaker Faraday Future.

A few of the former Tesla employees now lead FF:

  • Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering – Former Director of Vehicle & Chassis Engineering, Tesla Motors
  • Dag Reckhorn, Vice President of Global Manufacturing – Former Director of Manufacturing, Tesla Motors
  • Alan Cherry, Vice President of Human Resources - Former Senior Director, Human Resources, Tesla Motors
  • Tom Wessner, Vice President of Supply Chain - Former Director of Purchasing, Tesla Motors
  • Richard Kim, Head of Design – Founding member of BMW i Design and Lead Designer, i3 and i8 concepts.
But it seems that FF's head hunters were sent for many more engineers and designers. According to the article, about 73 out of the 410 FF employees listed on the LinkedIn were previously at Tesla Motors. 47 were at Ford, 39 at GM and 22 at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Faraday Future announced some 750 employees as of early January at CES.

Other talents from Tesla, according to TechInsider, are:

  • Brennan Boblett, lead designers for Tesla's user interface inside its vehicles, joined FF as creative lead for user interface and user experience
  • Sue Neuhauser, a former senior automotive designer at Tesla - now Faraday’s chief designer for color, materials, and finish.
  • Bryce Shawcross, designer of Tesla branded products, like clothing - now at Faraday as a creative manager for its brand design
Source: TechInsider

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