Tesla Gigafactory Scale Model

Tesla Gigafactory Scale Model


Tesla Motors's Gigafactory could be much larger than originally planed 35 GWh (cell production capacity) and 50 GWh (total pack production capacity).

News comes in the form of a presentation about the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, by Dean Haymore, from Story County Commission (see video below).

Tesla recently purchased an additional 1,200 acres of land adjacent to the Gigafactory that's under construction near Reno, Nevada. That more than doubles Tesla’s land and Tesla intends to purchase another 350 acres.

If Tesla expands the Gigafactory then maybe it could be a 100+ GWh factory one day.

Via Electrek (Fred Lambert):

"Tesla originally planned for a 10 million square-foot modular factory with the first phase, the pilot plant (see picture above), representing about a quarter of the total building. But during Haymore’s recent presentation, the Story County official said that Tesla is now planning to have 7 “blocks” like the one currently under-construction and if all 7 are completed, the total square footage would be 24 million square-foot instead of the 10 million originally planned. If this turns out to be true, The Gigafactory would be the largest building by footprint on the planet.

It is not clear how this change would affect the production output of the factory. Tesla planned for a total battery cell output of 35 GWh and battery pack output of 50 GWh or enough for 500,000 vehicles, the difference in battery cells would be imported to the factory for Tesla to assemble the battery packs, presumably from Panasonic.

During a recent conference call discussing Tesla’s financial results, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, said the company was looking into possibly increasing their planned battery production capacity after the impressive demand the company experienced when they unveiled their stationary energy storage products. At the time, the CEO mentioned the possibility of adding capacity to the plant currently under-construction near Reno."

Panasonic also is preparing to jump into Gigafactory together with 14 suppliers:

"Panasonic is bringing 14 other companies, beside them, over here (Tahoe Reno Industrial Center) to provide for Tesla."

source: Electrek


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