Over 15,000 Tesla Model S sales in Europe in 2015

Over 15,000 Tesla Model S sales in Europe in 2015

Thanks to EagleAID, we now know  the four top all-electric car models in Western Europe by sales numbers for 2015.

As Western Europe represents nearly all of the BEV sales in the whole Europe, these results could be applied for all of Europe.

TOP 4 All-Electric Cars In Western Europe:

  • Renault ZOE - around 18,400
  • Tesla Model S - nearly 16,000
  • Nissan LEAF - around 15,000
  • Volkswagen e-Golf - around 11,000
The best selling BEV is the Renault ZOE, which added over 3,000 in December alone to get to roughly 18,400 in total for 2015.

The second big winner is the Tesla Model S - judging from the chart at up to 16,000. It's a tremendous result - nearly twice that of 2014.

The Nissan LEAF, with around 15,000 sales in 2015, is more or less at the same level as in 2014, so Nissan can't be happy at all. No growth of sales and a drop from #1 to #3 isn't the result Nissan was looking for.

Volkswagen e-Golf is on rise, as up to about 11,000 were sold last year. It's a good result, but 8,943 are registrations in Norway, so that's a rather odd distribution of sales.

Source: EagleAID

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