Via this post on Terry Hershner's Facebook page, we got a hint of what may be some of the trinkets and toys we'll see in a short time at the Zero 2016 launch - how does a 80% charge in under an hour sound?  Think Zero is packaging that with their bikes?  We'll find out soon.

Our buddies at put this story together on DigiNow's Zero Supercharger, with some impressive details... like on or off-bike use, use with or without the existing charger, use on other EVs (bikes and cars, too), 12kW peak power and up to 9kW continuous (7-10 times more powerful than the standard Zero charger), a J1772 connector, 10kW continuous from a NEMA 14-50 power outlet, (the same outlet used for a household clothes dryer and the one found at many RV parks) and more...

It's intended for use in the spot the Power Tank has reserved for it, or in an aftermarket top-case. Game-changer, much?

DigiNow is the work of one Brandon Nozaki Miller (AKA The Electric Cowboy) and team, and with smaller packs, Miller says, for example a 2012 Zero S with the ZF6 (6 kWh) battery could go from fully flat to fully charged in under 40 minutes. “Charging from 30% to 90% would be ridiculous,” he said. “Like stop, plug in, go pee, then go ride again.”

The story gives the details on how to get it, too, though we couldn't find information listed on the site by name, yet:

Introductory pricing for the Super Charger is set at $2944, and a very limited number of units will be available in the first production batch. The units will ship on November 24, and as an extra incentive for users, eMotorWerks will offer a generous discount on its JuiceBox EV Charging Station when purchased together with a Super Charger.

For more information, visit

Be sure to check out the story for more photos, but we couldn't resist this one.  Charger (the dog) taking a quick 5 in front of Super Charger (the not dog).

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Dual Charger array (photo via

Now, Charger, Terry's new riding companion, is a Husky-Pomeranian cross, and though he says the pup is going to stay small enough to ride with him, we have to say - young Charger is looking a little larger than last we saw him.  You can follow his exploits on his very own Facebook page, here.

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