Billed as a Sexy Affordable AWD EV Sports Car on their GoFundMe project site, the Ethos is an effort to produce "limited runs of specific models" of electric cars, using a base kit car called the La Bala, from an EV conversion company based in Juneau, Alaska.

The design goals:

Our goal is to take the La Bala and make it a fun, sexy, reliable and safe all season electric vehicle at an affordable cost to the end user. To do this we will refine the design in Solidworks and produce as a turnkey in three configurations two wheel drive, all wheel drive base and high performance.

. The design modifications will start with: * Re-designing the rear suspension from a De-Dion to a full IRS and IFS of our design to be AWD with our electric automatic transmission and motor combination. * The cockpit will already support two people comfortably up to 6'4" in height but we will building in    full roll protection to FIA standards.

mmmm. Sexy.

mmmm. Sexy.

* As is, the existing cockpit is open and has no doors or windows limiting its usage to dry sunny days. We will be enclosing the cockpit (possibly building it as a targa)  and providing functional  doors with roll up windows. * The vehicle as is has no storage space, we will be    designing into the body both front and rear storage    areas * Our preliminary dimensions show room for a 68 Kw battery package. * Vehicle will have air conditioning and hot water heat. * Our price point focus is $28,000 for the two wheel    drive unit, $48,000 for base AWD and $60,000 for    deluxe AWD. by producing the complete vehicle    in-house and utilizing readily available components we

   are confident we can achieve these price points.

The $175K target is to fund:

* Solidworks design time.

* Prototype(s) construction and testing.

* Construction of frame and body jigs.

Backing the project at the $25 level will get you a T-shirt, which might be kind of awesome, and on GoFundMe, you may be able to get it without them reaching their (pretty unlikely at this point) target goal.

Or, if you like the idea of this, and want to actually have a shot of owning and driving one?

Tesla Roadster: sexy

Tesla Roadster: sexy

Just a thought...

via: Green Car Congress

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