Ford plug-ins sales in U.S. – December 2015

Ford plug-ins sales in U.S. – December 2015

Green Car Reports recently shared usage data for Ford plug-in electric cars.

According to the slides, on average two models (Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi) cover 42 miles (nearly 68 km) electrically every day.

Total electric mileage after several years and nearly 60,000 sales, for three models (including Focus Electric) exceeds 610 million miles (980,000 km). Sounds like over 10,000 electric miles on average on the odometer.

The third and most important, or at least most interesting indicator, is share of electric miles for plug-in hybrids. Ford states 50%.

50% is significantly less than around 60% reported in 2013.

Green Car Reports discovered one more important asterisk about Ford's electric miles* - pretty important, as it seems that Ford gathered together all-electric miles and hybrid-electric miles:

"It turns out, however, that Ford defines "electric miles" for plug-in hybrids somewhat differently than does General Motors for its two generations of Chevrolet Volt.

Ford's definition totals both miles covered on battery energy charged from the grid and electric-only miles with the battery depleted, when the Energi model essentially operates as a conventional hybrid."

So, we essentially don't know how many all-electric miles were covered (without miles covered on energy recuperated from the car previously driven to a speed by the gasoline engine), other than it's lower than 50% (probably by at least a few percent). More than one-third of the so-called electric miles comes from renewable energy sources (38.7%).

Ford plug-in electric car usage data (source: Ford via Green Car Reports)

Ford plug-in electric car usage data (source: Ford via Green Car Reports)

Source: Green Car Reports