Nissan LEAF sales in UK

Nissan LEAF sales in UK

Nissan announced a milestone of 10,000 LEAFs sold in the UK since 2011.

With 554 sales last month and 2,964 in the first half of the year, UK is at the moment the number one European market for the LEAF. UK is where the European LEAF is produced.

Sales of LEAF in the UK grew by over two-thirds year-over-year and LEAF remains the best selling BEV in UK with market share of 63.3%.

"Launching in 2011, the Nissan LEAF quickly established itself as the nation’s pure electric model of choice and despite the arrival of a number of new entrants in the market, the latest dataset released by SMMT confirms that the LEAF remains firmly ahead of the chasing pack.

In the first half of 2015, Nissan clocked up 2,964 LEAF sales in the UK, up 68.4% on the same period last year, taking the total number of LEAFs sold since the vehicle’s launch to 10,161.

Of those sales, the majority of units were sold in the last 12 months (51.7%) and predominantly to retail customers with almost 71.2% of LEAFs registered in the retail channel. This significant growth is reflected in the wider EV market as the benefits of switching to all-electric mobility become better known.

Delve deeper into today's figures released by SMMT, and the data also reveals that the Nissan LEAF outsold all other pure electric models combined by more than two-to-one in the first half of 2015, commanding a market share of 63.3%."

James Wright, Managing Director, Nissan Motor (GB) commented:

“The UK’s electric vehicle market is growing at an extraordinary pace and while it may be too early to talk about tipping points, today’s achievement certainly indicates we’re well on our way.

“I am proud that the Nissan LEAF has played such a major role in changing perceptions of EV ownership and I am even prouder that the UK is now the number one market for LEAF sales in Europe.”

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