Ever wondered how your state compares to another for EV adoption?  (...if you live in Wyoming it isn't good)

Or how about just what percentage of Nissan sales last year came from Georgia and its very lucrative $5,000 rebate program that has now expired? (25%)

The below graphic published by CNBC using registration and government data from 2014 can answer a lot of your demographic-based questions, as well as giving you some interesting graphical information on your specific EV of choice.  (Fair warning:  the app isn't the quickest to load)

To note: One should use this graph only for distributional references and for rough estimates.

As anyone who has attempted to track plug-in car sales via registrations (or the DoE) will tell you - they are both very slow to report, and there are multiple "holes in the bucket" when it comes to reporting the cumulative data for 2014.   About ~20,000 plug-in sales that were made in 2014 are AWOL on the map.

ie) the data shows only 25,983 LEAFs sold in the US, when in fact there was 30,200 reported sold, a net deficit of 4,317 units for the Nissan.  The same is true of other brands Chevrolet Volt: -2,493 (16,312 vs 18,805 reported), Tesla Model S: -3,690 (12,710 vs ~ 16,400), BMW i3: -2,248 (3,844 vs 6,092) Ford Fusion Energi: -1,103 (10,447 vs 11,550), etc.

Hat tip to sven!

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