7.0 Coming Later This Week

7.0 Coming Later This Week

Later this week, Tesla's Version 7.0 software will go from the beta testing phase (small group of select Model S owners) to widespread release.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, software 7.0 with some Autopilot functionality will be pushed out over the air starting this Thursday to Model S owners in the U.S. (and probably even worldwide).

We should note that 7.0 is not full Autopilot. Here's how IEEE Spectrum explains the features available with latest update:

“Tesla’s beta testers will indeed be drivers, not merely passengers, because Autopilot 7.0 represents only a small step up from the previous package of driver assistance systems. It will manage lane-keeping, mind the gap to the car in front and behind, and handle much of the braking and acceleration. But testers will still have to oversee all operations and register their alertness—if only for legal purposes—by hitting the turn signal indicator every so often.”


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