3,500 lb Towing Capacity on 22

3,500 lb Towing Capacity on 22" Wheels For Model X (via ScottF)

The Tesla Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, provided that it's optioned properly.

To tow 5,000 pounds, the Model X requires the $750 Tow Package and must be fitted with 20-inch wheels, not the optional 22-inch wheels.

If you opt for 22-inch wheels, the tow rating of the Model X falls sharply to 3,500 pounds.

Tesla began notifying those with configured Model X orders by sending emails like this:

Towing Email Model X

Towing Email Model X

Essentially, if you're looking to tow at max rating in a Model X, then opt for the smaller wheels.  If 3,500 pounds is acceptable, then you can go for the flashy 22-inch wheels.

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