Tesla Model S' Supercharging

Tesla Model S' Supercharging

Remember when Tesla's superchargers totaled about 6 back in the early days? Well, now there are just a hair under 2,800 charging points at Tesla superchargers worldwide!

So, it's safe to state that Tesla has been putting its foot down on building these Superchargers stations. Not just in the US, but globally too.

The graphs don't lie:

Graph credit: <a href=supercharge.info" draggable="false">

Graph credit: supercharge.info

Neither does Tesla's website:

Whoa… That's a lot of superchargers...

Whoa… That's a lot of superchargers...

The Supercharger stations are the home to Supercharger units (each location holds varying numbers of Supercharge points).

When Tesla started building these Superchargers, most were 90 kW units.  That figure is now at 135 kW for the majority of the newer Superchargers.

How many stations and total Superchargers do you think there will be by the end of 2016?

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