From the Department of Extremely Silly Scooters, we present: Lopifit.  Think treadmill on a scooter.  Wait.  What?  Walking bicycle?  Tread-scooter?

This came to us by way of this video, which explains how this was all conceived - the idea of a scooter powered by a treadmill and an electric motor, so you could walk but scoot...but walk.

Somehow, though it's clearly silly, in some way it's compellingly, endearingly silly.  It's the work of Bruin Bergmeester, who lives in the Netherlands, and has put five of these together with his wife in his living room, in colors.  ...and they both seem to have a healthy sense of humor about the thing.  Besides everything else, it kind of looks like fun, doesn't it?

Of course, we have the specs:

  • Brushless motor 250 watts.
  • Battery 36V - 17Ah
  • Range 40 km (depending on various factors)
  • Total length of the Lopifit is 2.3 m.
  • Frame made ​​of steel.
  • Drive: rear wheel with 3 gear shift hub.
  • Front wheel 28 inches, rear wheel 20 inches.
The price?  € 1,899.00 ($2100.00).

They have a couple of websites - this one,, which isn't very informative and looks like it's the ordering portal, and this other one with lots of photos and stuff.

Lopifit - colors

Lopifit - colors

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