Global Cycling Network recently discussed which commuter device is greener - a bike or an electric car.

As one could expect from a channel focused on bikes (and from common sense), the bike will win in such a comparison, although cars will offer more seats, luggage space, heating, etc. - and you can enter the office feeling a bit fresher.

While we are not here to undermine the results, there is one very important point on using bikes in jammed mega cities - the air quality.

When you are cycling, you need much more air, and in the cities air is sometimes really bad. So, no matter how green the bike itself is, the cyclist could harm his/her own health by breathing in all that NOx day after day and year after year that has been emitted by the plug-ins predecessors.

For cyclists, electric cars aren't competition to being green, and vice-versa.  Actually, electric cars are allies with bikes in looking to a more environmentally friendly future.

Road Bike Vs. Electric Car: What Is The Greenest Way To Get To Work? | GCN's Eco-Commuter Challenge

Is it greener to drive an electric car to work or, is it greener to ride your bike? We put it to the test in our latest commuter challenge.

Bikes are thought by most to be one of the – if not the – greenest ways to get around. But, as electric cars become more commonplace, could they overtake cycling based on green credentials?

We thought we should look into this, so we set up another commuting challenge. Starting 20km away from our offices, we challenged Dan – driving a BMW i3 – and Simon – riding his trusty Canyon Aeroad – to commute in the greenest way possible.

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