Bosch & GS Yuasa PHEV2 lithium-ion cell for PHEVs (Under Development)

Bosch & GS Yuasa PHEV2 lithium-ion cell for PHEVs (Under Development)

Early in 2014, Robert Bosch and GS Yuasa Corp. established joint venture Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co. KG with a target to double energy density of lithium-ion batteries and lower the costs by half, by 2020.

According to Automotive News Europe, they are progressing.

Udo Wolz, president of Bosch's subsidiary in Japan said:

"We are on a good path to reach that target."

Of course, they didn't disclose the precise number they are aiming for - maybe 500 Wh/kg, if we use some 250 Wh/kg on the cell level?

Second part of the article is about batteries for mild-hybrids. On this front Bosch would like to use low-voltage 48 V systems.

"The key to capping costs in Bosch's mild-hybrid system is a small, low-voltage lithium ion battery. It is only 48 volts, compared with the 220-volt battery in the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle.

Bosch says its technology, when used with a standard gasoline internal-combustion engine, improves fuel efficiency by 5 to 18 percent. It did not specify the cost.

Bosch's 48-volt battery powers an electric motor that can assist the car's engine in powering the wheels or keep the car's electronics and climate control going during stop-start mode."

Source: Automotive News Europe

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