Calm down everyone. It's not what you think. Robert Llewellyn is not at all disappointed with the Tesla Model S and he's not changing to covering a different industry.

Lawnmowers are our friends, electric ones, with batteries. And they need our support too.

Lawnmowers prove a huge difference between efficiency of electric drive and petrol engines and that's what this video explores.

"With the use of a Bosch GRA 53 Professional lawn mower, I do a comparative test to see how much work you can get out of equal amounts of energy stored in a battery and petrol."

According to the test, the electric lawnmower could do the job up to 100 minutes on the same amount of energy that  the petrol lawnmower will use in less than 7 minutes and 30 seconds! That's well over 10 times more!

Electrical apliances were with us to welcomes EVs (see below), so now we join forces.

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