Nissan discovered how to extend its electric car offer to the unspoiled consumer group.

These buyers may need some educational treatment, which is encapsulated in the new series "Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving".

The first episode is already on:

"How do you charge an electric car?

Have your charging questions answered in THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO ELECTRIC DRIVING. This time we explore the truth about charging - like how to do it, how long it takes and how far you can go on one charge.

Charging a Nissan LEAF is simple. Plug it in at home, or on the go..

Rapid chargers are installed at most motorway services, which provide 80% of a full charge in approximately 30 minutes."

Note:  As this spot is intended for European audiences, range ratings for the LEAF are a touch optimistic on the NEDC scale at 155 miles.  The more realistic EPA ratings for the 2016 LEAF still stand at 107 miles (172 km).

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