The investigation team from CBS Boston (WBZ-TV) learns that Massachusetts has spend $4 million in rebates to EV buyers since 2010, $5.4 million more in subsidizing new public charging stations, and ultimately concludes that "a lot of that money is actually going to waste".

Now to be fair, during the piece CBS Boston does interview Judith Judsen, who is Commissioner of Energy Resources in Massachusetts, and she does a good job illustrating why there is incentives around the electric vehicle when asked if the money could be used better on other 'green' projects.

"If you look at the sources of greenhouse gas emissions, transportation makes up almost 40%"

Ms. Judsen says the program is effective and that EVs are "catching on", but the CBC Boston I-Team disagrees, as they observed one public charging station for 10 hours and only one car came in for a charge (a BMW i3).

/case closed

Queue the obligatory interview with a curmudgeonly conservative"think tank" person, saying ridiculous things in denouncing EVs:

"The average family is not going to take advantage of these rebates to buy electric cars, because electric cars just aren't practical.  Electric cars are for wealthy people who drive to cocktail parties where they can amuse themselves by mentioning they came there in an electric car," - learned comment from David Tuerck, PHD. from the Beacon Hill Institute

CBS Boston, Hat tip to offib!

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