eVgo Freedom Station

eVgo Freedom Station

NRG EVgo installed a lot of new DC fast chargers (CHAdeMO or CCS) in the past eight months, doubling the number of chargers to more than 350.

That's some four times more than any other public network (excluding Tesla Superchargers, which are available only for Tesla cars).

According to a recent article on Charged EVs, NRG EVgo will expand the network from 19 to 26 markets by the end of this year.

"The company told us that it has no plans to slow down its growth, and by the end of the year it will be fully operational in another 7 markets. Currently, EVgo operates more than 100 DC fast chargers in the LA market; 50 in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas; 28 in Chicagoland and 10 coming online in Denver. Dozens more sites in half a dozen metro areas are in the permitting and construction process.

“In Atlanta, with help from our partner site owners like Simon Properties and AAA Car Care Centers, we have been able to get 28 locations online in just the last six months – opening another 9,000 square miles to EV owners,” NRG EVgo President Arun Banskota recently told Charged."

Source: chargedevs.com

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