The fact that MotoElectra is a part of the permanent collection of the fairly legendary Barber Motorsports Museum is cool enough, but for their Vintage Days Festival, this weekend, where over 60,000 are expected to attend, to be moved to the main atrium?  Crazy EV awesomeness!  MotoElectra is no stranger to an electric motorcycle's life in the lion's den of gas motorcycling, though.

MotoElectra, if you'll remember, had made more than it's share of "Firsts", and was inducted into the museum about a year ago.

Here's the list:

  • Coast-to-Coast, All-Electric World Record in 2013 (Jacksonville, FL Pier to Santa Monica Pier in 3.5 days)
  • 1st place in first-ever sanctioned Gas v. Electric race – Barber Motorsports Park 2010
  • Second overall in TTXGP Points Standings for 2011
  • ECTA Land Speed record in 2011
  • World record, ¼ mile in 2009
  • 2nd place finish (2010) at Mosport in Canada
  • 3rd place finish (2010) at Virginia International Raceway
  • 3rd  place finish (2010) at Road America
  • 2nd place finish (2011) at Infinion Raceway, Sonoma, CA
For some more complete background, wander over to The Electric Chronicles' MotoElectra coverage, starting in about 2010 when they ran (and won) in the first-ever gas-vs-electric sanctioned race.  While you're there, you can get a pretty complete picture of MotoElectra from the interview with the Chief Cook and Sheep-Shearer, Brian Richardson, where he makes this iconic statement:

“This is the golden age of electric vehicle racing — no need to look back — you are living through it! Teams from barns and back-yard sheds are taking on corporations. Like NASCAR or Grand Prix in the 1950’s & 60’s. Anyone can win. Anyone can make history. Money is spent, but this is a special time when desire is more valuable.”

MotoElectra at the Maxton Mile

MotoElectra at the Maxton Mile

Here's more of the story in this TTXGP interview with both Brian Richardson and rider/legend Thad Wolff

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