Schneider EVlink Wallbox

Schneider EVlink Wallbox

EverCharge and Schneider Electric announced a global partnership to ease charging/installation of charging stations at multi-tenant buildings.  A real problem area for future EV adoption.

They identified the problem of a lack of available power in some apartments and condominiums to handle many electric cars charging. Instead of increasing installed power for the buildings, which sometimes is difficult or costly, EverCharge and Schneider Electric intend to use smart solutions.

EverCharge will integrate Schneider Electric’s EVlink charging stations with its SmartPower technology to monitor the energy usage of the building and demand from the charging stands to enable charging only when there is spare power available.

Well, it sounds reasonable because you just need to add a few smart meters and set software limits.

"EV charging currently presents multi-tenant facilities and their occupants with a number of challenges when trying to add EV charging stations, especially when it comes to sharing power. Most buildings have a finite amount of electricity, and gaining access to additional resources can be costly, complex and unfeasible.

With this collaboration, EverCharge will integrate Schneider Electric’s EVlink™ Home EV Charger with EverCharge’s SmartPower™ technology, which can rapidly charge multiple vehicles and increase building charging capacity up to ten times without requiring costly infrastructure upgrades. When SmartPower senses extra power is available or that the rated capacity is reached, the system allocates power to vehicles according to their needs, maximizing building infrastructure usage while reducing deployment costs. In addition to the integration of each company’s technology, Schneider Electric will also work with EverCharge to expand its customer base to markets outside of the US."

Pierre Sacré, director of Electric Vehicle Solutions, Schneider Electric North America said:

“We are pleased to partner with EverCharge to accelerate the build out of EV charging infrastructure and adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. With most charging done at home and rapid urbanization happening globally, having EV charging in apartments and condominiums is critical to the continued success of EV adoption. This collaborative solution effectively resolves building concerns and challenges with smart energy management and automation capabilities.”

Jason Appelbaum, CEO, EverCharge said:

“We started EverCharge with the mission of helping multi-tenant buildings overcome the challenges of installing EV charging stations and enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By collaborating with Schneider Electric and leveraging the company’s global reach, EverCharge will continue to fulfil that mission, while expanding EV charging to multi-tenant dwellings worldwide.”

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