BMW i8 Flipped (via <a href=WreckedExotics)" draggable="false">

BMW i8 Flipped (via WreckedExotics)

This is one of the first serious BMW i8 crashes. According to a Facebook post, this BMW i8 flipped over in Mexico City during a test drive by a local journalist. No information was released on the cause of the crash or injuries.

Judging by the photos, there is likely damage to the carbon fiber frame which will automatically total the car. Even without the frame damage, a potential owner would have likely fought with the insurance company for a total loss claim.

Last April, a BMW i8 in Crystal White Pearl was involved in a serious crash on the German Autobahn where the driver of a BMW i8 could not brake in time and crashed into the rear of the Audi A3, which then spun in the opposite guardrail. The car was a total loss as well.

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Hopefully this is one of the last i8 crashes we will see, considering how rare and special the car is, it’s a shame to see them finding their way into a junk yard.

BMW i8 Flipped (via <a href=Wrecked Exotics)" draggable="false">

BMW i8 Flipped (via Wrecked Exotics)

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