Consumer Reports lists the Tesla Model S the "Most Fun To Drive" luxury class vehicle.

What did they say about it? Absolutely nothing, it is just a list. Here:

The full list of each category.

The full list of each category.

However, CR did state this:

"Fun to drive is a subjective measure—an elusive quality that can mean different things to different people. From our experience, a car can have a very powerful engine and accelerate quickly, but without handling agility, it's not much fun."

The reasons why they feel the Model S is the most fun luxury vehicle to drive should be obvious to Tesla followers.

If extreme performance is what you're after, then you can buy the P85D version that goes from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, like Consumer Reports did.

Here is CR's initial impressions of The P85D.

It is cheap to operate & maintain too! When can you ever say that for a luxury sedan?

Check out the full mini-report here.

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