The video above shows a Tesla Model S P85 RWD lapping around the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, there is no sound.

However, you do get a sense of how quickly the Model S accelerates and how it's able to rip around the corners.

The P85 Model S did the lap in just over 9 minutes. Not bad for a family sedan weighing ~4,500 LBS!

Video description:

"Lapping the legendary Nordschleife on a Toruistfahrt. Did this attempt on a fast lap, after driving electric "taxi" two laps. The Tesla was almost fully charged, regen put in low, suspension put in low, and A/C off. 2,5 bar of tire pressure in the tires, leading to a "Warnning high tire pressure" after about 1/3 of the lap. Potential of sub-9 minute lap."

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