"Last Gas"

On April 26th, 2010 I placed a $99 reservation for the Nissan LEAF. Little did I know at the time it was going to be a long wait, but my first electric vehicle arrived on March 9th, 2012…I’m currently driving a 2014 LEAF. While waiting, I read everything that could be found on electric vehicles and their benefits…the more I read, the more I wanted that car.

This one remaining spark plug I found in my toolbox still serves a purpose…it’s now a paperweight on my desk

This one remaining spark plug I found in my toolbox still serves a purpose…it’s now a paperweight on my desk

After driving the LEAF for a year or so, it became obvious that the internal combustion engine is doomed…driving without relying on gas is the better way. Having come to that conclusion, the next step was to rid myself of heating oil. I contacted ReVision Heat of Portland, Maine and made arrangements to have a Kedel, imported from Denmark, renewable wood-pellet furnace installed.

In total, the gas and oil amounted to approximately 1,100 gallons per year representing about 99% of my fossil fuel utilization which left a mere 1%.  Just a few times a year it was necessary to fire up my gas-powered generator which is now in the hands of a neighbor making me 100% free of the DIRECT burning of those fuels including butane, propane, and paraffin candles.

My home was built in 1986 as an energy efficient, double-walled, super-insulated structure to which solar panels were added a few years ago.  This fall the Tesla Powerwall, a confirmed reservation has been received, will be installed and coupled with the photovoltaic system for emergency backup power.

This transition was a 3+ year process of elimination, if you will, and demonstrates that the personal use of fossil fuels is not immutable.  The salient point of this article I wish to convey, especially to the youngest generation, is that the best way to deal with a fossil fuel habit/addiction is not to develop it in the first place.


About the author:  Marc Lausier is a retired pharmacist living in the coastal town of Scarborough, Maine.  He is a former Plug In America city captain who helped organize Maine’s first two National Drive Electric Week events (formerly National Plug In Day) and is currently on the transportation committee of the local Sierra Chapter.

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