Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared his advice on running Volkswagen.

First of all, Elon stated what others have proposed (VW should commit to cleaner vehicles for redemption):

“If I was taking over VW, I’d go the other way and aim to be a leader .”

“Maybe the path to redemption is towards clean vehicles.”

The Tesla CEO believe that companies that do not switch to electric cars over time will eventually go out of business, so for VW this could be the time to go electric.

“All car companies will go electric eventually. Any car company that doesn’t go electric will be out of business.”

“With hydrocarbon combustion we’ve hit the limits of physics – improvements are very tiny. There must have been lots of VW engineers under pressure – they’ve run into a physical wall of what might be possible so trickery was the only option.”

Elon further notes that current emissions testing should reflect realities, including aging of vehicles.

“Cars are best when they’re new. There’s massive degradation over time.”

Of course, electric cars don't emit more over time. Their emissions remain at zero.

Source: Auto Express

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