Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

If you remember, Tesla was questioned about having an option for leather-free seats in its electric cars, at least in higher trim versions.

A synthetic leather option is what some buyers wanted, and now it seems synthetic leather seats are available - in the Tesla Model X.  Specifically, as Ultra White (there are also Tan and Black leather seats).

"Leilani Münter, a professional racecar driver and environmental advocate who is vegan, said she was disappointed when she first tried to buy the Model S and could not get the faster, sportier model without real leather seats.

She contacted Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and chief executive, who helped her get the desired model with cloth seats, she said. Not too long after — faced with several complaints from similar-minded would-be customers — the company made cloth seats, only in black, an option for all models and trim packages, with a synthetic-leather-clad steering wheel available on special request.

The new seating option for the Model X goes a step further.

“Tesla revolutionized the electric car and now it’s redefined luxury interiors by using these vegan materials, which are both animal- and environmentally friendly,” said Anne Brainard, senior corporate liaison and manager of corporate affairs at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The group urged Tesla to stop using leather at its shareholder meeting last June and had since remained in discussions with the carmaker."

Tesla Model S doesn't have a synthetic leather option yet, so you still need to make special request for leather-free seats in the S.

We tracked down a few videos with Tesla Model X Ultra White seats:

Source: The New York Times

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