2016 Nissan LEAF in Europe

2016 Nissan LEAF in Europe

Nissan intends to unveil at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month its new 2016 LEAF.

As you can imagine, the Japanese version should be available with a 30 kWh battery and range of 280 km / 174 miles in JC08 cycle (172 km / 107 miles EPA) but it seems there will be some other differences that set it apart from the U.S. version.

First thing you notice is new golden LEAF color!

Second is the black roof.

The short description indicates additional safety features (not announced for US or Europe) standardized across all grades:

  • Forward Emergency Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning
Nissan is pursuing an autonomous driving project, so these features will pop up on future models.

Official announcement of spec is expected in November, while the 2016 LEAF will hit Japanese dealers in December.

"...advanced safety technology—standardized across all grades for the Japan market—including Forward Emergency Braking, which is designed to help drivers avoid or mitigate the impact of frontal collisions, and Lane Departure Warning."

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